Wrong Way Driving

How long does a citation stay on your record? We know concerns keep popping into your head. We will review your case and go over your legal options with you. We devoted ourselves in protecting you from unfavorable effects that could happen because of your traffic ticket offense.

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We handle the following kinds of traffic violation cases in East Lansing, Michigan:

  • Driving with No License
  • Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Dangerous Drugs While Driving
  • Driving Without Vehicle Insurance
  • Driving Without an Insurance
  • Caught Driving with a License that has been Suspended
  • Driving The Wrong Way Down A One Way Roadway
  • Cellphone Use and Texting Ticket

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Traffic tickets come with heavy fees that can place a big burden on your life. Do not wait for tomorrow to solve your problem. We understand you want to solve this issue as fast as you can. We offer FREE case consultation. Dial our number now at (517) 858-2123.